About SUST

SUST blog is me trying to do my bit to make a more ethical and sustainable future.  SUST blog is all about making sustainable and ethical choices easy – in other words, sustainability sussed!

I am not sure entirely what shape the blog is going to take yet.  That is something I hope will grow organically as inspiration comes to me.  Initially I intend to voice my personal opinions, research topics of interest, provide facts and information, contact companies for comment, and review products to make it easier for me (and you) to make responsible and ethical consumer choices.   I am passionate about; reducing plastic, sustainability, fair trade, organic, cruelty free, and socially and environmentally responsible choices.  I also intend to cover topics related to conservation of our precious native species. After all, how we use and abuse the environment affects our native animals and plants immensely.

Why SUST?  It is a play on the colloquialism “sussed” as in “I’m going to suss that out”, or “I’ve got it sussed”.  SUST is also derived from the word sustainable.    For me sustainable, is ethical because it is important to protect and safe guard our future.

About me

I am a married Mum of three

I am a Christian

I am a Kiwi (born and bred)

I have an MSc Geology (so I approach research scientifically)

I am concerned about how hard it is to make ethical choices (whatever cause you support)

I believe individual actions have real power to effect change.

I believe we can change the world and make it a better place for our children.

I believe we should strive to leave behind a footprint that is feather light.  The impact of our presence on the earth itself, and the life that inhabits it should not be a burden.